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Audio Books Catalogs Make Browsing for Audio Books Easy

By Lillian Keefe

Audio book catalogs are making it easier to build your audio book library. As a book store owner and a book lover I have always loved walking through bookstores and libraries to get a feel for what was popular and exposed me to books and interests that I may not have even known about. My husband and I own a downloadable audio books store and even though you can navigate your way around pretty easily most search functions on websites are meant to find specific things. Catalogs allow you to browse at your own comfortable pace and in your specific category of interest.

At we were able to produce an audio books catalog for some of our most popular categories. For Fiction we have broken it down into General, Classics, Detective, Historical, Thriller, Thriller-Espionage, and Thriller-Crime. At the audio book store there are even more categories and as time and requests dictate we can produce different catalogs and categories. We hope that providing our customers and potential customers with an audiobooks catalog in a variety of categories and specialty interests we will make it easier to choose which books to add to their audio book library.

This is going to be a continuous process and we will be adding a mailing list for those wishing to be notified when a new catalog comes online. The PDF format that we are providing will allow you to browse our collections while offline as well as print any sections you like. For now we have produced the following audio book catalogs:


Health & Recreation

Arts & Drama



Foreign Languages

Crime & Thrillers



Religion & Spiritual


Children's Audio Books/Juvenile

TV & Film

Radio Shows

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS:  Please download them by either clicking on the catalog covers or right clicking on the covers and either select "Save Target as" in Internet Explorer or "Save Link as" in Firefox.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to open our catalogs.  You can get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Please feel free to contact us with feedback about our audio book catalogs as well as to suggest any special ones for us to consider producing.  We will be updating our existing catalogs this fall/winter 2010.



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